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Websites Featuring Custom Bow Ties For Sale

By Donna Miller

One of the easiest ways by which a person can add a bit of flair to an ordinary outfit is to use accessories creatively. They can bring personality to the ensemble and express their unique fashion taste through the application of items such as embellishments, jewelry, neck wear and belts. Websites that feature custom bow ties for sale allow an individual an artistic outlet in this matter.

In the seventeenth century, Croatian mercenaries came up with a brilliant idea to use tied scarves around their necks to keep their shirt collars pulled closed. This utilitarian item was transformed into a full fledged fashion statement when it was adopted by the French aristocracy who were the leaders in fine style of the time. Today, men and women alike sport updated version of this accessory in a variety of designs.

This particular accessory is traditionally recognized as a symbol of class, sophistication, and intelligence. It is also a bold and daring statement for those who exude confidence and have a bit of quirkiness in their personality. The piece is no longer reserved for formal and business attire, as it is now accepted as everyday wear for those who choose it.

The self-tie version is a traditional style that looks classy and sophisticated, is a favorite of true aficionados, though one will need to practice to get well done results. Pre-tied options are bows that have been sewn to hold their shape and are placed on adjustable neck straps for quick, easy use. Generally used for children, clip on pieces are ready made and have clasps that hook attach to the collar.

Customized options may be found in at least five different types of shape styles. The Butterfly, also known as The Thistle, is the most commonly worn, as it is suitable for most any occasion or face shape. The Jumbo Butterfly is a variation on the standard, being almost an inch bigger in height and a little more relaxed, generally worn with a tuxedo.

A shape known as The Bat Wing is also referred to as The Slim because it is formed using a straight ribbon, no more than two inches high with blunt edges which creates a modern, trendy look. A slightly asymmetric and eclectic option is The Diamond Cut which has a lot of personality in its pointed tips. The last form is The Club Round which is bold and quirky, featuring curved ends.

Many possible color, pattern and design elements are available for customers to use on the site. These may be applied to any of the forms that are accessible through the particular vendor. To give the user a bit more creative freedom in building their perfect accessory, many programs provide the option to upload personal logos, photographs and artwork to apply to their print.

Creating an accessory that fully represents one's own preferences and fashion sense has never been easier than with this simple step-by-step process. Many sites allow a lot of freedom to adjust and manipulate both the provided designs and those uploaded by the customer. This is a fun and convenient way to wear a neck piece that is truly unique.

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