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Buying And Installing Moving Head Lights

By Walter Robinson

One of the most effective ways to light a dance floor is to install a lighting rig with multi colored flashing lights. Many bars, clubs and music venues will choose to install moving head lights either floor mounted or fixed to a rig. These lights are extremely versatile and can often be a cost effective way of putting on a great display.

Many variations of moving units are now offered for sale with many colors and patterns to choose from. This lighting can be used as a stand alone controlled only by sound but the majority of them will be connected to a DMX box to enable them to be remotely operated. After connecting them to the box they can be pre programmed into sequences or operated by a technician.

There are a few things to take into consideration before selecting and buying disco lighting and accessories. With the option of a single beam unit and going through to multiple lens lights many impressive effects can be created. There is also the option of using gobo lights which enable the user to personalize the lighting with writing or pictures to suit their taste.

Prices of moving lighting can differ vastly due to the many combinations and different models on the market. A simple plastic cased light will come in at approximately 200 dollars and can be set up in just a few minutes. The control boxes to enable programming start at around the 120 dollar mark and this is a better option as it gives more variation.

At the higher end of the scale the more professional units start at around 2000 dollars and the control unit for these will be approximately 500. Also on top of this special connectors and cable will need to be purchased by the meter depending on how far it has to be run. This cable can be fairly expensive and it is important to factor this into the final cost.

Second hand lighting is another option for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a lighting system. Big savings can be made by using pre owned units but it is essential to have everything checked out by an electrician before parting with any money. Many stores, auction houses and online sites offer used lighting so it is worth taking a look.

The best place to start when looking for lighting is at a specialist stage lighting store or disco supplies retailer. As well as having a great selection and the option of ordering direct from manufacturers these sellers can advise on the best set up for the customer. Also when buying from a reputable store the guarantees and after sales service will be provided.

After purchasing and deciding where to install the lights it is advisable to always use the services of an expert. Due to the complexity of wiring some of these units and the time it can take it is better to use a qualified technician. It is also very important after fitting to have the lighting inspected and serviced from time to time to ensure that it operated efficiently.

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