mardi 14 juin 2016

A Thrilling Adventure Is On The Cards With Room Escape Game Atlanta

By Ryker G. Scorsone

Do you enjoy playing games on your Android device? There are so many adventure ones available that are full of mystery and prizes. How about bringing these games to life? One of the coolest ones out on the market at the moment is called Room Escape Game Atlanta. One way to get you out from behind your PC and be in a real life escape room.

Real life puzzle adventure type games have been created for small groups to experience real adventure games. Just as if playing them on your pc at home, you have to help solve many puzzles and clues which help the team find their way out. What is great about this is that you get out of the house and get to meet people while having a great experience.

These awesome games do become rather addictive once starting playing them. The greatest thing about playing games like these is that it challenges your brain by having to solve puzzles and problems. This is a fantastic method to use for team building as it is done in a unique and fun alternative way that everyone enjoys. If you love solving puzzles and enjoy adventures, then these real life adventure games are just what you need.

A room escape game is where a small group of players are locked up inside an area. The goal is to use the things around in the area to help you solve the puzzles which help your team escape. There is a time limit that you need to beat. If the timer runs out it is over for your team.

Each area is designed to take place in a fictional place for example a jail cell, a dingy hotel or the bottom of a scary dungeon. You are given tools and puzzles that relate to the scene which will unlock the door and your team can get out. This can become difficult to solve so working together is extremely important. The facilities of these places are extremely good and they have a lovely waiting area where you can sit and relax.

Depending on the facility that you go to you will be given a theme to follow. For example, the theme could tell a story making you part of a criminal team who stole a safe but you were double crossed and locked up in this room. Your team will have to look around and solve the variety of clues to find the key that unlocks your lock so you can get out. There are many different types of themes to choose from so depending on what you are looking for will depend on the story line of your adventure.

This can be a whole lot of fun and everyone should at least give it a try once. This is a great way to host a birthday party or even something different to do for team building. What an exciting and creative way to go out and have fun by solving puzzles.

If you want to do something that is different for your next birthday book one of these adventures. Your friends are going to enjoy themselves tremendously. Room Escape Game offers the best place for a great adventure. Contact them for a booking today.

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