lundi 20 juin 2016

Experience The Escape Room Games Atlanta Phenomena

By Ryker G. Scorsone

Occasionally, a person might choose to seek out activities that are exciting and less ordinary than their usual options. They may have a craving to have their brains stimulated and their intellect challenged. For those times, escape room games Atlanta is a thrilling new concept that will both test one's ability to decipher and reason, and deliver a lot of fun.

Date night can now mean more than going to dinner and seeing a movie. Family Fun does not need to include dealing with crowded amusement parks or sporting events. No longer do corporate team-building exercises have to look like boring clinics and trust experiments.

This incredible new craze is taking the world by storm and gaining in popularity every day. These rooms are an activity that are appropriate for many types of occasions and are a thrill-a-minute experience. Designed for those who are at least fourteen years of age, these challenges are designed to push the limits of one's intellectual abilities and not their physical ones.

This role playing experience is fully interactive and requires the players to become completely immersed in their chosen scenario. It is the ultimate form of live entertainment and the perfect option for those who enjoy mysteries and virtual gaming. Every situation will call for the use of skills such as finding hidden objects, solving puzzles, figuring out riddles, decoding ciphers, using logic to get answers, and noticing subtle clues.

Each individual is given the basics of their situation and an assignment which they must complete. Working as a team, the group is given one hour to gather clues and locate the code that will open the door and release them. This challenge will test each individual's intellectual prowess and provide an opportunity to collaborate with others to reach a common goal.

People are grouped into teams of at least four, and then locked into an area that has been staged to fit a unique scenario. One may discover that they are charged with solving a jewel heist in time to prevent an explosion, or that they have been kidnapped and need to free themselves before their captor comes back. To win, they have only 60 minutes, and must work together to find clues that will give them the code which opens the door.

The scenarios are written by professional gamers and are designed to present a realistic challenge using intriguing themes, cinematic staging, and puzzles that will test one's wits and patience. While every team may not always win, they are sure to have a great time trying to decipher the clues. With a variety of situational options, people may return multiple times to hone their skills and enjoy the fun all over again.

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