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How To Produce Great Male And Female Nude Drawings

By Daniel Cole

Art cannot be outdated. In fact, there are pieces which are centuries old but still go for insanely high prices in the current world. It confirms how important the field is to human beings. You can become a part of it too. Male and female nude drawings are a great area to specialize in if you know what is expected of you.

You should not be in a rush to start drawing. It is good to notice the aspects which seem obvious. The height of your model, weight and other conspicuous features can help you complete the task quickly but still bring out a great product.

You need to think about the composition too. A general shape can be drafted. It serves as a reference point all through the process. A general advise from the experienced artists is to draw the figure inside the box. From there, subdivisions can be made according to the helpful landmarks.

You should avoid frequent stops once you have started. Speed is crucial. You should avoid erases too. They will let doubts creep in your mind and it might give chance to excessive erasing. You will not make much progress in this case. You do not have to be afraid to include all the things surrounding the model. Even the negative ones can be the unique bits about the portraits.

Line economy is crucial in this process. However, it takes some learning to master it. You should try keeping the drawing instrument on the paper all through until you are finished. However, remember to maintain fluidity and efficiency throughout. Even though the raw details are the catch in art, you should leave out unnecessary items which will not add any effect to the drawing.

Erasing is highly discouraged in this case. It does not mean that it cannot be employed but it should be kept low. Once the drawing is done, the paper fibers are already affected. Erasing and redoing the process distorts the paper further and the final product will look dirty. You will also waste considerable time in this.

In order for the portrait to look more alive, you need to include shadows and also highlights. You do not have to worry about drama and even weight once you have done this. They will come about naturally. You may employ water-soluble pens, charcoal and even inks in order to bring out the effect. To note is that too much of this will disfigure the portrait.

You should draw the entire pose first before you proceed to more specific items. There are artists who can still produce great pieces even when they are proceeding with cropped images. However, they are the ones who have been doing this for long. If you are still a novice in the field you should stick to entire poses. They can be developed in thirty seconds if you remain simple and quick.

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