samedi 18 juin 2016

Discover A Beautiful World In Living Color Through NY Travel Photographer

By Selena Chery

New York City is known as a beautiful major hub in the world of photography. Any of the leading travel photographers who make their homes there have undoubtedly shot the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and scenes in Central Park. A NY travel photographer may live in New York and bring pictures of the entire world back to the United States when he or she returns.

As a photographer flys off to faraway places, it is expected they will return with photos of waterfalls and other outstanding scenery. They will shoot ocean waves from the deck of a ship. They might photograph a newborn giraffe in Africa.

Those without a lot of money cannot afford to tour overseas lands in foreign countries. Of course, there are beautiful sights right here at home. However, it is exciting to travel to faraway places by turning the pages in a coffee table book or the National Geographic. It is an opportunity to see the old castles in Scotland.

What most people know of the world are the major tourist attractions in each country. The Eiffel Tower and waterways of Venice are familiar. But, it is a rare treat to see people walking down a narrow cobblestone street in France. Tall buildings on either side give it the appearance of a tunnel.

An award-winning photographer can make you feel sand in your shoes as you look at the sun rising over a tropical beach. You may see polar bears in Alaska as they walk past villages in the search for food. You may feel immersed in the rain forest of Kenya, where the diminishing numbers of gorillas live. He may return with pictures of whales viewed from the deck of a cruise ship.

Photos can be to promote a cause such as saving an endangered species of animals. They can show the pleasure of riding a horse along a beach in Cancun. The pictures brought back back for publication allow people to see wonders of the world they would not otherwise have access to.

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