jeudi 9 juin 2016

Landscape Painting And Its Selling Point

By Steven King

For thousands of years, different parts of this world have been improved through the aid of art. More often, it is utilized as a technique of narrating something to give humans the knowledge of how this planet and the lands were shaped. There are variety of forms to narrate a story. It could be in the form of writing, acting, dancing, making poems, or even painting.

But, most people from the ancient times used drawing as a tool to communicate while wielding their photographic memories to create a timeless piece. This is why landscape painting is a perfect form of describing natural scenery. It reflects what the eyes of a person have been recorded.

Many have always asked why this kind of art is advantageous when drawing the environment as to portrait illustration. The reason is that the width of this art has more number than its length which is almost parallel to the limit of seeing. Most people do not sight their surroundings looking up and down but rather see things from side to side.

What also makes scenery art a preference is, it does not limit imaginations. Unlike painting in landscape, portrait painting is usually applied to draw the upper body of a person. One can always freely use either both forms but there is nothing much for the eyes when illustrating a scenery in narrow visuals.

Painting in a bigger view is the most brilliant way to know about colors. There are very many shades the nature can put on the table. From trees, rivers, lakes to mountains, the unlimited number of objects to paint is beyond the choices of an artist. The light wonderfully changes from daylight to night. This planet and its natural course can give an artist confidence when painting.

Since art is a free expression, an artist should not necessarily paint specific stuff for landscape. This is one of the many reasons why drawing in a wider angle will make a person as creative as he can be. He can depict the environment in so many ways. If being realistic is too much, the artist can always draw in an abstract approach that entails a very deep story.

For instance, painting a view where there are many subjects to use could give the artist pressure and confusion on what object should he paint considering light changes from time to time. He could draw the objects as simple as possible because it is not necessary to draw everything perfectly. As long as he can tell the story and choose the right colors, then it can be called art.

It is apparent that creating illustrations of scenery was widespread a long time ago. They are now sheltered and auctioned in numerous national museums for a very expensive cost. Illustrating the wonders of the world will always be the best thing about this style.

Regardless of forms, styles or techniques of painting, they are equally valuable with other art forms in the world. Made by the hands of diligently creative people for the purpose of showing the people what the world looks like. Technology can never replace its cost.

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