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Installing Chimney Liners Windsor Locks CT

By Barbara Allen

Everyone loves to ensure that their home is safe and this makes them go that extra mile to ensure this safety. One of the things that you can do as a home owner is to conduct an installation of chimney liners Windsor Locks CT. There are quite a number of people who do not see the value of these liners but they do have quite a number of benefits that make them to be worth.

These liners protect the flue system of your house regardless of its situation from transferring heat to the nearby combustibles. They also keep your masonry products safe from the many byproducts of combustion that can cause corrosion and damage to the flue system. The gases which are as a result of combustion usually deteriorate the mortar that is between the tiles making up your flue.

If you find out that the flue system in the house is already destroyed, you should consider installing liners like the flexible type of stainless steel. Rigid liners would make the work difficult as they are hard to take down the chimney. The flexible type is great for fresh installations of woodstoves as their insert need to be bent a bit.

Immediately the liner gets to the site, you ought to unpack it in a careful manner and lay it flat. The edges are potentially dangerous as they can cut you and care ought to be exercised. Ensure that you or the expert doing the work sets down to work by first of all measuring the sizes you will need and cut them up.

The next step involves the insulation of the chimney liner which is necessary to along the whole length. In order to be able to get the correct width of your insulation, the diameter of your liner ought to be multiplied by pi to ascertain the circumference and add an extra inch to the number you get for the overlap. This will properly insulate your liner but ensure that the measurements are but less than the diameter.

The insulation should then be laid on the ground and make sure that the face containing the foil faces downwards while the liner is in the middle. Make sure that you wrap the liner using the foil tape and make sure it is tight. The insulation should be secured properly by ensuring that the tape covers the entire section.

It is important to have a wire mesh insulating your liners to prevent damages as it is taken down the chimney. The whole liner ought to be covered with the mesh wire for maximum protection. The extra pieces should be snipped off at this point using tin snips.

It is also very important to ensure that you take adequate care as you do this work as you will be on the roof and thus exposed to risk. Ensure that you have adequate manpower to assist you get this job done with fast and make sure that you place the liner at the middle. The liner is also secured using silicone caulk.

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