dimanche 26 juin 2016

Tips To Choose The Best Paper For Watercolor Nature Prints For Sale

By Mary Morris

The variety you choose for your art will determine the outcome of your efforts. By choosing the best type for watercolor nature prints for sale, you will get very attractive and quality paintings in the end. Therefore, it is best that you find out the types that are available and decide on the one that will fit your needs. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing papers for your art.

Before you purchase paper for your work, consider the quality. There is the student quality and the artist quality. The artist quality allows for fine detailed work making it the most suitable. This helps your art to stand out among others. However, paint does not respond well in student quality thus, it is not suitable for art intend to sell.

You should consider the method of production used to make the paper. In regards to production method, there is hand made, machine made and the mold made varieties. Machine made are typically for the student quality which cannot withstand heavy washes. The best one for your work is the mold made and the handmade. This is because they can withstand harsh art techniques.

You should consider the components that it is made of. The components that make paper are cellulose fibres mixed with water. There are some that are made of wood pulp while others are made by combining other cellulose fibres with cotton. If you are concerned with the permanence of your work, rag paper is the best option to go for. It is very strong which makes it suitable when using harsh techniques such as scrubbing and scraping.

Weight of the paper is a key pointer to put in mind. In the market, there exists the light and the heavy varieties. The heavy variety is suitable when you consider using heavy washes. This is because, it absorbs the water without soaking and wrinkling. In addition, it does not need stretching when making your art. The most suitable to choose for nature prints are the heavy variety to make sure that your art is outstanding.

Another factor to consider when choosing the one to buy is texture. There is the rough variety which gives your painting a luminous finish. The other variety is cold pressed and has a semi rough surface. It is the most popular texture and is also referred to as, not paper. It is very suitable for smooth washes and detailed art. Finally, there is hot pressed which has a smooth surface.

The most important feature to consider is the color of the paper. There are many colors available but most people use cream or white as it allows you to leave some sections open as a substitution for white paint. In addition, it reflects light on the surface which gives the art a glowing look.

Apart from the skill and experience that you have in making painting, the type of paper you buy will determine the quality of your art. Therefore, always be careful when choosing one for your watercolor nature print for sale. Choosing the wrong type will distort the details of the painting.

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