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Selecting The Right Materials To Come Up With Watercolor Marine Art Prints

By Jeffrey Kennedy

Artists tend to draw inspiration from various things and places. When you have been painting for a long time, you will find that you are better at depicting different things, and may decide to stick with one genre. You might even decide to shift from making pencil or charcoal sketches, to watercolor marine art prints. This way, you will be able to paint the sea creatures and landscapes, in more vivid hues.

Whether you are a beginner, or you have been painting for many years, you need to have the right tools for the trade. This will mean investing in good quality canvas, paints, brushes, and even getting the right clothes for the job. With the right tools, the right training, and an eye for detail, you should be able to come up with a good print.

When you go shopping for brushes, refrain from buying many, even if you think it will be cheap. Good quality brushes are a bit expensive, and you might limit you from buying many. Ideally, even with five good ones, you should be able to get started. The best brushes are made from natural fibers like squirrel and sable. You can also look for those made of synthetic materials, but they should be soft. Make sure that you also get the right sizes.

The paints used can come in tubes, or pans. There are also some which have already been mixed, and are packed, to prevent spillage. When they are in pans they may be cheaper, but will dry out faster than those in tubes. The specific colors you choose will completely depend on what you like. As a beginner, it is better to buy a set of few good quality paints, than one with various colors, which will not serve you for long.

There are different types of paper currently available. Ideally, it should be heavy, so that is does no warp after you paint. The available papers are either hot pressed, textured, or smooth. The one you choose will affect how the end will result will appear. If you are an advanced painter, you may also choose to use canvas to do your work.

A pallet will also be another thing you need to buy, in order to have all the crucial items for this art. This can be the professional type, which is covered in a metal or plastic surface. This kind will be easier to clean and also to mix the colors on. Before you get one, you may opt to use a plate to mix the colors.

To mix water colors, you need water. If you trust your tap water, use it for mixing, but if you are hesitant, you should use bottled water. There are additional mediums like Arabica and ox gall, which are used to make your print more transparent, or glossy. You should, however, make sure you master the basics, before suing these mediums.

There will be some other small knickknacks, which you need to buy. These include pencils, erasers, and an easel. You may choose to buy a wooden or plastic easel, or have one made for you. You need to use newspapers or old clothes, to prevent paint from staining your floors and the surrounding surfaces, as well as an apron, to protect your clothes.

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