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The Secret To Easy Immigration In Chicago

By Charles Jones

Chicago is a haven for immigrants. It has something unique for short term visitors as well as those targeting to stay longer. Ignorance of laws that govern immigration in Chicago could lead to a nasty experience. The risks include deportation, jail or even declined application. To make your entry and stay easy, assistants approved by the government guide you through the process.

Assistance to immigrants is provided through three agents. The state licenses attorneys to guide immigrants through the application and approval processes. Such attorneys are allowed to work through supervised interns. Non-profit organizations also work under accreditation from Board of Immigration Appeal. There individual businesses offering assistance as a service within the state. Any of the three agents will smoothly guide you through the process.

In such a vast state, it is challenging to identify a legit assistant. However, they are required by law to always possess active business operating licenses. It is illegal to deal with any client without a formally written contract. An agent must also advertise the services clearly, indicating what is offered in a clear and visible manner and language. Such a sign board must be placed at a strategic location.

The state regulates charges for services offered by the agents by putting an upper limit. This ensures that you are well prepared when organizing your finances to avoid shocks. For instance, the charges for form preparation are 5 dollars each quarter an hour or 10 dollars per page, whichever is lower. Fingerprinting will cost you 3 dollars while charges for judicial records are 15 dollars.

Immigration assistants in Chicago offer a range of services including translation of answers, instructions and questions on forms, transcribing responses to relevant government agencies and processing government forms. They also help you obtain vital government documents like birth and marriage certificates. There are agents offering translation for non-English speakers.

Assistants who are licensed Notaries of Public will authenticate the signatures used on official documents. In case they are not, they offer referrals to accredited attorneys. Such referrals are offered free of charge. Assistants also organize medical exams with reputable clinics and institutions as well as collection of results in the format required. Not-for-profit organizations and assistants operating as businesses will conduct civics and language causes. They arrange to have fingerprints and photographs taken as well.

The law prohibits retention or delay of documents by any agent. Be careful to avoid scams seeking to exploit your naivety. The scams are executed by agents claiming special connections to or influence of Department of Homeland Security and underlying agencies. They will promise a special status or quick services if you give an extra amount. Others concoct strange titles to confuse immigrants. Stick to the legal path and your application will be successfully processed.

There is freedom to make visa applications in person or online. There are special requirements depending on your case and nationality. Consult your consulate or embassy for clarification and assistance. All information provided must be truthful to avoid legal challenges including declined application or deportation. Stick to the stipulated deadlines to ensure smooth and successful application.

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