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A Little Bit About Alexander Koleszar

By Krystal Branch

In the world of modern art, the name of Alexander Koleszar will definitely pop up because he is one of the most well known modern artists in the United States of America. He is known for his modern works that are quite different when it comes to the eyes of viewers. If one would want to know more about this person, here is a little bit of information about him.

Just for some background information, muster Koleszar grew up in Michigan which was just outside of Detroit. The place where he grew up in was a very patriarchal one which meant that any form of sexual vagueness was frowned upon. When he was younger, he was actually confused about his sexuality as he was a homosexual.

Now as a child, he was an introvert but he was also a very skilled artist wherein he made amazing paintings. In fact, when he reached fourteen, he had already made around thirty paintings and had some of them exhibited. Three of his paintings were actually put up in the city hall of the town that he stayed in.

At the age of twenty two, he could not take the ridicule and drama about being a homosexual anymore which is why he decided to leave. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he cleared his head and became more open about being a gay man. It is also here that he went to the University of Arizona and took up a degree in arts which was followed by another one in geosciences.

Now he was well known for four sets of paintings that he made which became quite known in the art world. One of that was the Portrait set which was a set of self portraits of different people. What makes this set very attractive is that it is painted in such a way that the people in it look very real yet not.

Addiction and Recovery was one of his best sets because he really showcased his skill when painting surreal pictures. Many pictures there came from the deepest and darkest depths of his mind which is why many of the things there do not look earthly. It is also the reason why so many people love this set.

Of course there is his other set which is known as Life on Lifes Terms which concentrated more on abstract painting. Of course there were also other types of paintings in there like surreal paintings and other portraits but it mainly consisted of abstract art. Of course his style of a combination of realism and animation could actually be seen here.

One of the most touching sets of mister Alexander Koleszar was none other than the set known as Just My Opinion. In here, he showed his skill in painting scenery and portraits together. This was quite a controversial set because this set depicted a lot of naked men in it which was his opinion about how society would control the people into thinking or acting in a certain manner before he or she could be accepted.

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