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Change Who You Are With Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

By Jayne Rutledge

One of the most memorable fictional characters of recent years has been Lisbeth Salander, Stieg Larsson's girl with the dragon tattoo. She is covered in piercings and tattoos. In both the bestselling novel and the movie versions of it, she pulls off a scam that makes her a very rich woman indeed. It's easy enough for her to hack into computer systems to transfer her enemy's millions into her own accounts but to get away with it, she needs to visit the bank and look like a regular girl next door. This she does with the help of a wig, some conservative clothes and tattoo cover up makeup.

Real-life people may need to conceal those permanently inked designs on their bodies too every once in a while. For example, you may work for a rather conservative institution where having a demon imprinted in your skin may be frowned upon. It's easy enough to hide if that demon is on your upper arm but it becomes trickier if it's on your face.

Actors often have to find ways to hide their ink too. Angelina Jolie simply wouldn't be convincing in a period drama if the coordinates of the places where her children were born were there on her upper arm for everyone to see. Even if the character can sport tattoos, the actor's own designs should be suitable for the role or it won't work. A gangster with fairies or butterflies on his arms or back would just look silly.

There are some situations where hiding tattoos are a matter of survival. Members of street gangs usually have tattoos that identify where their loyalties lie. If they have to go into a rival gang's territory, those tattoos can be reason enough for them to be murdered. Even people who've left behind the gangster life years ago can be targets.

Many people get tattooed without really thinking it through. They then regret their decision later on. It's easy enough to remove the ink with laser treatment but this is an expensive option and for some people it's simply impossible to raise the money if they're doing their best just to survive. For them, makeup is a good option.

Special concealer for tattoos is thick and long lasting. However, it's lighter than your skin tone so you need to cover that up too. Choose a foundation that matches the color of your skin exactly and apply it in several thin layers once the concealer has dried. Finish it off with matte powder and let it dry completely before touching it.

In many circumstances it's completely unnecessary to hide your tattoos. Tattooing has become a mainstream activity and is now much more socially accepted than it used to be. In future it may become even more so, so you don't necessarily have to cover up for that job interview or for your wedding day.

If you do decide to use tattoo cover up makeup, you may find it at stores like those catering to stage actors or even in surprising places like bridal shops. You can also order it online. Alternatively, simply use face paint in white or, if it's only a small area that needs concealing, try tanning spray.

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