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Choosing The Best Of Solid Color Neckties

By Marcie Goodman

In men attire, there is nothing that sends a strong message like the tie won, particularly when in a professional setting or social gathering. No wonder so much attention is given when matching the tie with the rest of dressing. While patterned ties may not be very clear in message being sent, the solid color neckties on the other hands sends a very clear message and as such, are considered the workhorse of the professional world. It is the most essential and indeed, the most classic piece of garment that you can find in any man wardrobe.

Impression remains the single most important detail you do not want to joke about. It is the first way you will be judged by the second party. What you may not be aware of is the role the tie plays in your whole dressing. The implication is that you have to be careful in your selections since even the solid neckties with different colors have different meaning.

The material selection is the other issue. Silk which happened to be the most favorite material of choice is known to reflect the light in a natural way that gives it the feeling of elegance. If the shirt is white, you have a chance to select the tie of any other color with no worry as all will work. The only thing to consider here is the occasion you are attending. There must be a little consideration given into matching the colors when the shirt is not white.

When it comes to matching the tie color, you must consider the shirt, whether plain or patterned. The color wheel will help you get the best match. When it comes to a white shirt, any of the color will work well. The suit must also be given much consideration in the process of matching. It is advisable to keep earthier hues together, for instance a brown suit will match well with an emerald tie.

Given that these ties are so basic staple, they are always available in any boutique and every line of fashion. The top most secret in buying the best of this kind of ties is in the quality. A snag free silk, hand stitching and high quality linings are a few of what to look for when it comes to quality selection. Otherwise, you should be able to where you tie with all the confidence and pride you deserve.

Looking at various colors and their meaning, you might just as well consider keeping as many colors as possible for particular occasions. The red tie is the power and dominance tie. Being attention grabbing, it fit well with authority, power, passion and love. The best ties for business choice are the burgundy ones as they are consider elegant. The maturity ties are the navy blue ones with connotation of calmness, elegance and maturity.

The navy blue ties on the other hands fit well for many occasions and is so loved by many. It brings that connotation of elegance, calmness and maturity too. It can also fit well in the corporate world. In springs and summers, you might consider the light blue tie and reserve the orange one for the fall. There is no better way of setting up a romantic setting than by selecting a pink tie, light rose shirt and a navy striped suit. She will defiantly get impressed.

The solid color neckties remain at the forefront whether in fashion trends, social events or in corporate meetings. It is the secret to men wardrobe, and with the various hues that they come in, you have a very large collection to select from.

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