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Choosing The Best In Wedding Reception Entertainment

By Marcie Goodman

Choosing the wedding reception entertainment that personalizes your special day can make it very memorable. Everyone has a different opinion on what these activities should be - the personalities of the bridal couple, the venue and the budget should all be taken into consideration when making this decision. It will assist the couple in getting off to a great start in their new life.

Bands are a very popular choice for a reception. The variety of music offered is extensive plus special songs are available for the first dance and other dances on the agenda. Music of sentimental significance to the new couple will make the evening extra special. Bands, though, can be very expensive and some must look to other entertainment due to a more limited budget. They are also limited to one type of music that some of the guests may not prefer.

Choosing a disc jockey for the enjoyment of your guests has many advantages. They can play almost any kind of music and have interactive activities that get guests involved. Announcements and introductions can be easily be made from their booth. They are also much less expensive than a band, making them an excellent choice for a couple with a limited budget. Price ranges vary widely but you will be sure to find one that you prefer at a great price.

Combining karaoke and a disc jockey is even more fun and effective. Guests can walk up to the microphone and belt out favorite tunes or they can honor the happy couple with a toast and a special song. Children can get involved too by singing popular songs that they love.

Mariachis can serenade the bride and groom and later the guests. They are an excellent pre-wedding show that guests and family will greatly enjoy. Greeting everyone at the door with their unique and boisterous music will kick the evening off and help everyone relax and have a great and memorable time.

Renting a photo booth is also an option. Ask your guests to take pictures of themselves in the booth. The company can also take all the pictures of the evening and place them in a photo album or on a CD for the bride and groom to enjoy later. It is an unusual but fun way to get pictures of all who attend this special occasion.

If the event is on or near a holiday, there are special touches that could be added. Santa Claus at Christmas time, the Easter bunny around Easter and characters or even staff in costume near or on Halloween. Make New Year's Eve especially unique with balloon drops, noisemakers and party hots to add to the excitement and party atmosphere.

Fun and activities for children can also be arranged. Some great activities include balloon artists, magicians, clowns and moon bounces. This will keep them occupied to prevent boredom or misbehavior. A designated area with supervision that is away from the main reception will help keep noise and distractions at bay.

Choosing your wedding reception entertainment is a huge decision. It can make the difference between a memorable and happy occasion and an ordinary cookie-cutter event. Your photographer will be able to capture many happy moments if you choose activities that your guests will love.

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