jeudi 13 février 2014

Creating An Anime Review Show And More

By Jerri Perry

In the age of the internet and reality television, everyone is looking for his or her fifteen minutes of fame. For those who are motivated, lucky, and connected enough to wind up on a reality television show, that fifteen minutes comes quickly, and is often drawn out for far longer than initially expected. However, for those who do not immediately possess these qualities or connections, it is usually necessary to enter the public eye through some other means, such as a cooking blog, an anime review show, or a homemade comedy series on YouTube.

Back before the Internet existed or was widely available, people often dreamed of breaking into the public eye through cable access shows. These are shows broadcast on local cable networks which provide airtime to the public for free or at a very low cost.

In the 90s, Saturday Night Live took a jab at cable access with its Wayne's World sketch. The characters, Wayne (played by Mike Myers) and Garth (played by Dana Carvey) were two students from a local high school who had a program on their access network. The sketch was later expanded into a movie, following a chain of events in which the program was picked up for national exposure.

Although cable access still exists, many people these days turn to the internet, and particularly YouTube, with similar hopes to those of Wayne and Garth. Perhaps they simply want fame, or perhaps they have a message or a talent they want to share with the public. Either way, YouTube provides a platform for addressing as many people as you can get to click on your video.

In some cases, a video not only reaches a focused audience, it becomes inescapable, showing up on social networks and in email chains. This is called "going viral." Videos are sometimes created with this as a goal, such as the song/video "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Black wanted to promote her music. Other viral video clips have been the result of news broadcasts that the public decides are funny and begins circulating.

Blogs are another platform through which the internet has skyrocketed people to fame, seemingly overnight. An example of this is Nate Silver's political blog, which predicted election results using a formula he had developed for predicting baseball statistics. Silver not only became famous overnight, he also became a millionaire.

Because cable access channels are locally broadcast, there is a limit to the audience who can see them. This makes it more difficult for cable access to provide the type of exposure that could lead to fame and fortune. The only way that can happen through this venue is if the right person with the right connections sees the show and chooses to pick it up. The chances of this happening are not that great. And even if it happens, as in Wayne's World, it is unlikely that the show would be able to maintain its original purpose and platform.

Whether it is an anime review show, a blog about cooking, or a sketch comedy program, the internet gives us a space to expose a wide audience to our talents and ideas. If you have a concept, do not be afraid to share it with the world. All you need is a webcam and a dream.

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