jeudi 27 février 2014

Instrumentals Beats

By Lou Vixen

Who couldn't imagine what the world would be like without music. Everyone has a soundtrack to their lives. Music is definitely a God-given gift which is just as vital as oxygen, electricity, or gravity. It's part of survival which gives us life. Music is healing and therapeutic.

Instrumental music has many uses and comes in various forms. It can be used as church bells echoing through the city at certain times of the day, Babies listen to the chimes and jingles to help them sleep. Indigenous ethnic groups dance to it and celebrate. Buddhist monks meditate to it. Rap artists or poets perform to it.

Beat instrumentals can be more appreciated without vocals or lyrics because it eliminates distraction from the listener when in a zen-like state. Sometimes you just don't want to hear the words to a song. Listening to a instrumental song on its own puts the listener in a certain vibe where they can use their own imagination.

Beat instrumentals are great for exercising, running errands, studying, or taking a road trip somewhere for a random quick to get away. Instrumentals are great to write to if you're a singer or a poet.You can play beats anywhere and not offend anyone.

Like mother nature, music is arguably one of the most powerful influence over the world. Civilizations evolve from it as well as the history of humanity. It has been used during battles and wars, Rituals, and ceremonies all over the world.

Music is another form of energy measured and interpreted by frequencies ranges. It is the result of sound. It can alter behavior, change the mood of the environment, manipulate or influence a mass of people to act in a certain manner. It's used in marketing strategies to sell products. It also heightens the mood of shoppers during the holiday seasons.

Instrumental music comes in many forms. Indigenous ethnic groups use it for ceremonies or rituals. Buddhist monks practice with it during meditations. Dance clubs and raves party all night to it. TV shows and Commercials use it for advertising. Hip Hop producers make it for rap artist to perform on. Rock and R&B singers use it to write and sing to. Day spas use it for healing and relaxation.

One of the biggest influences that instrumental music has on the masses is through Hip Hop. Beats and instrumentals are circulated around the market like stocks and bonds. It's a very lucrative market which is why so much money is invested in it. Rappers, dancers, singers, businesses, and entertainment companies spend millions on it to achieve their success. All it takes for the artist is that one hot heavy hitting beat to launch their career straight into kingdom come.

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