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Why Tyvek Suits Are The Best Garment For Many Industries

By Krystal Branch

When thinking about which garment can be worn by workers, no matter what industry, to protect them from contamination, no garment compares to Tyvek Suits. There are other protective garments being manufactured, however, this single layer of polyethylene, from Dupont, is the standard bearer and to which all others aspire. They have caught the market and have paved the way with their unique craftsmanship.

In some industries, such as food plants, the suits will protect the product from the wearer and any contamination they carry on their clothes. This is also the case in pharmaceutical and electronic clean rooms. The nature of these garments is to prevent passage of contaminants from one side of the fabric to the other. This is a flexible material in this sense and can be used to denote personnel working in various areas or practicing different disciplines.

These suits will come in various colors. Many of them have hoods and some of them will have booties or shoe coverings attached. Elastic wrist bands is the normal configuration, however, there are those with belted openings. The neck will be collared if there is no hood. A model that has a hood, booties and drawstring type face opening is the best protection for all situations especially if a pair of goggles are also worn.

The most popular models will have a seamless front and zipper. The back will have a stretchy panel that assists in forming to the wearers body type. Some will also have a belt that can be pulled in to cinch it tighter than the stretchy panel will allow. One of the most important elements of these garments will be to get them in the proper size.

Chemical plants will use these items to protect the workers from any spills they will inevitably have. The nature of the fabric will stop the passage of this, possibly, dangerous chemical from getting on the employee. These will protect them as long as they are not dipped into a tank of the offending substance. They are also strong enough to be able to crawl around in some of the dirtiest areas in order to clean them or service other systems.

Many cleaning operations and operators will wear these suits. Crime scene clean up and foreclosure cleaning are a few of these activities. Many window cleaners will use these as they are protected from getting wet. With the extra layer of clothing they stay warm at some of the heights at which they work.

Since these suits can be used in many industries, it is natural for many others to explore the potentials for theirs. Processes can speed up and cleaning opportunities can be seized when the dangers associated with chemicals and other liquids are minimized. Carefully using a properly fastened garment in a professional way can assist in more production, cleaner areas and more employees going home safe and sound.

Having a case of Tyvek Suits always on hand is a safe, inexpensive way of protecting all who work for you. They do not cost as much as you may think and many of them are washable. Most find it necessary to simply hang them to dry and reuse them the next day.

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