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The Life Of Lindsay Merbaum

By Krystal Branch

Lindsay Merbaum is one of the most well known names in the world of literature and fictional stories. She is a woman of immense writing talent and hails from the land of New York City wherein her works still continue to reach out to many audiences in all parts of the world. So if one is a person who is interested in fiction writers, then he would be interested in her biography.

Now she first experienced a taste of professional writing when she was in her college years wherein she studied her Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction when she was at the age of twenty four. It was here that she began working on a lot of literary projects. It was also here that she was able to receive the Himan Brown Award which is one of the most prestigious awards in that area.

When she finished her formal education at that university, she then chose the path of teaching and wanted to gain some experience as a teacher as this was actually one of her passions. From there, she decided to apply for a job in a university located in Ecuador. It is here that she was able to gain most of her teaching experience which allowed her to go into the field of education.

The place in Ecuador that she stayed in was the place called Quito and this was where she learned a lot of things about life. She stayed in Quito for around four years and ended up writing a lot of stories based on the happenings in that place. In fact, one story about a wife of a jealous farmer provided the inspiration for one of her works.

Eventually, she moved out of Ecuador in the year 2010. She relocated to California wherein she started her very first book which is known as Gold. She stays in San Francisco where she was editing and making all of the necessary adjustments to her very first book before the publication.

She is definitely known as a very talented writer in the field of fiction and is also known as a superb educator for the high school and collegiate level. Even though she specializes in making fictional tales, she can also write informative works as well such as journal articles. She loves to write about anything that has to do with either human rights, environmentalism, or wellness.

Aside from her normal writing skills, she is also very known for her research skills when it comes to academic research. She is known to be a very intuitive approach when it comes to doing research on any topic given to her. Coupled with her superb writing skills, she is able to make really good academic papers.

Now here are some of the things that one may find interesting about miss Lindsay Merbaum. She is known to be one of the best writers in the field as she has written a lot of short stories and even a book during her most recent years. She will definitely be an inspiration to those people who are aspiring to be writers in the future.

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