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Benefits Of Wearing Chakra Jewelry To Create Peace And Harmony In A Busy Day

By Krystal Branch

Many people today believe keeping their chakras in balance will help them to feel better both mentally, emotionally and physically. As an aid to help them in tuning in to each of the seven chakras of the body, many people use chakra jewelry.

The philosophy surrounding chakras in the body is not new concept. Since ancient times, people have believed in these energy sources could be found through the body. They have been regarded as being key to keeping various aspects of a person in balance. Their influence is thought to be felt in all areas including a person's spiritual, emotional and physical aspects.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for disc or wheel. Because of this, chakras are generally depicted as round orbs, which represent the various center of the body. The chakras line up through the center in the body in positions according to the area they represent. The crown is found at the top of the head, followed by the Third Eye, the throat, heart, upper abdomen, lower abdomen and finally the root. Each chakra has its own color and these follow in the same order. The color violet represents the crown at the top of the head and it is followed by indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Many people use various types of stone as a representation of different energy centers. These stones are sometimes referred to as healing stones and can be semi-precious stones, crystal and minerals. Most jewelry are created using these stones in their design.

This type of jewelry is often created in a number of different styles. Some prefer to wear a necklace while others may like to wear a necklace of colored beads or a pendant reflecting the colors. When choosing a piece to help with balancing, making sure the colors follow proper order is important or the centers may not be balanced. Pieces made using silver metals can be a good choice, as it can have a positive influence and protect one from difficult influences.

When choosing items with a chakra theme, cost can be a very important factor. Most pieces can range in cost from very inexpensive items to those, which are quite costly. This will vary based on how the piece is designed and the materials used in its design. While the cost of a piece is not believed to influence it effectiveness, some people will prefer an item of a higher quality.

A person will be able to find a wide assortment of necklaces, bracelets and other pieces by doing a search online. Many small boutiques where New Age, metaphysical or gemstones and crystals are sold may also have pieces. Suppliers of yoga materials often have pieces as well.

Choosing a gorgeous piece of jewelry may be a great way to accessorize the clothing one wears during the day or for an evening outing. In addition to looking great, this type of jewelry can also help the wearer feel great as well. This can be a great benefit to most people.

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