dimanche 2 février 2014

How The Power Of Art Moves The World

By Serena Price

Even in the past, the power of art has made a significant impact in how the world works. It has the ability to work its ways into people's mind, after all. Even a single piece of artwork can become a huge trigger for a worldwide movement. It has the ability to move what has been once considered to be immovable.

Especially now that the Internet is getting popular with people both young and old, the artworks in one place can make its way to the heart of the people on the other side of the globe. It should be a miracle for people to see these artworks. If it starts a movement, it will surely make the world a better place.

There are surely a lot of things that a single artwork can do. Whether it be a pottery artwork, a painting, a photograph, or a caricature, there are a lot of things that it can show off to people. To those who want to know what the artworks can do, here are some of the examples that one should read about.

First of all, it has the ability to move people. This is oftentimes seen with photographs. When a photographer happens to capture amazing moments of people, animals, or events, they will usually speak of many words directly to the viewer's heart. This is especially true if the picture shows the humanistic side of the subject.

It can inspire a lot of people. The artworks that are being displayed nowadays are usually inspirational. There are those people who feel motivated once they see an awe-inspiring artwork. They will feel like they also have the ability to move forward in this field. They can make an artwork that they can feel proud of too.

It can aid charity. There are a lot of charities nowadays that can only gain enough funds to continue its operations when it is being aided by artworks. The profit that comes from selling artworks can then be given to the charities. This is what usually goes on with fund raising events being hosted nowadays.

There are those times when the artworks are being used by artists to express themselves. For artists, this is their only form of self-expression. They can easily show their thoughts, their impression of the world, or how they perceive their surroundings through the help of their paintings, music, or any other artwork.

For others, it may be a way for them to leave a legacy. Some people use their artwork as a show of love for a loved one. Grandparents pass on their legacy to grandchildren through their arts. The same goes with parents to children, brothers to brothers, or man to wife. The legacy is more valuable to the recipient.

There are times when it is used to inform, though. For example, there may be some injustice that is happening in some faraway place nowadays. With the power of art, people can make an account of their suffering or the things that they know in the form of an artwork.

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