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Artistic Expression Exhibiting Faith In Christian Modern Art Is Always Emotional

By Eric Jimenez

To the religious individual viewing Christian art is an emotional experience. It may depict the face of Jesus Christ or an abstract representing him. To the religious artist it is one way he can express his faith. Christian Modern Art calms the soul and inspires religious people to pray.

Renderings of the Savior are a popular topic for the leading Christian artists. Thomas Kinkade is one who paints with deep feeling. Collectors buy his work more often than that of any other Christian artist.

There are paintings of Jesus with children and as a shepherd with his flock. His face has a kind, but sorrowful appearance. There are some of Him with the others being crucified on either side of Him. In one abstract the cross is painted in tiny squares of blue color against a bright background of red.

Crosses of gold are contrasted with multicolored backgrounds or outlined in blue. Poses of Jesus display His body language showing sorrow and defeat. In one series He is painted in red against a dark, black background.

Some look like cheerful greeting cards in sunny colors. A bible verse is written on them. Some are dark and sinister. It all depends on the feelings evoked by the bible verse. Most Christians will find a favorite verse among all that are available.

Throughout history, the angels have been a favorite figure used by painters. They tend to be majestic, with outspread wings. Some are like caricatures that may appear as childrens cartoons. One is especially charming, in which a small winged angel flies above a man carrying a heavy burden on his back. The angels hands hold the burden, seemingly lifting the weight and helping him carry it.

The abstracts may show a riot of bright colors, or flower gardens blowing gently in the wind. A dark pall seems to fall over those representing Jesus dying on the cross. Everyone can imagine his own personal image of religious symbolism. Each is impressive.

Each abstract can take on different meaning to each who sees it. Colorful circles and other patterns may mean the circle of life to some. Others perceive all the circular patterns as symbols of eternity or heaven.

These abstracts have a special meaning to the Christian looking at them, or collecting them. One artist uses a special method called painting with light. This is a unique medium that is done with a digital processing technique. These paintings bring happiness into the lives of those who view them.

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