jeudi 7 mai 2015

Why New Media Is Essential For Art Students

By Jennifer Marie Anderson

You've probably heard the term "new media" a number of times, whether it is related to art or not. For those who aren't in the know, new media is classified as a litany of digital platforms, each of them designed with interactive purposes in mind. As you can very well imagine, these platforms can be used to help certain artists as well. In order to better understand what new media entails, here are just a few of the more prominent examples to make note of.

One of the first points of new media to mention would be video games. There's no doubt that game design is a relatively effective option, especially when you consider that most designers have been playing games for years beforehand. The level of interactivity in this field is strong, which is a point that no gamer can overlook. New media is made up of many points, but video games are the ones which seem to elicit the greatest amount of engagement.

There's also the matter of CDs, which have more than their fair share of uses. Many people use CDs to store tremendous amounts of information, which is understandable given how backup has to be created. Not only can information be stored on CDs, but it's easy to see that software can be run on them as well. Even though it can be argued that CDs are not as prevalent these days, they are still necessary to go over during the discussion of new media.

New media will also include websites. These platforms are great for the sake of distributing information, which is great in its own right, and it's a point that no web designer should forget. It's also worth noting that they can help businesses reach new heights, since just about everyone has access to the Internet these days. As far as the most used platforms are concerned, it's easy to point out websites, and their place in new media.

These are just a few instances of new media that, in theory, could help artists in the long term. With the increased focus on digital media, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it's important to look into new media and its various examples. Some of these may be used to further the creation of art, while others may be used simply to store information. Regardless, new media has its role to play and it's to see that it's an important one.

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