vendredi 29 mai 2015

Film Study & 3 Pointers For Promising Students

By Jennifer Marie Anderson

Film study is far more detailed than most people would give it credit for. After all, the movies we enjoy spending time on encompass several different topics, ranging from casts to angles for shooting. These are just a few examples that students should recognize. However, in order for as much information to be obtained en route to the most desirable degree, here is a list of 3 tips that should not be overlooked by any means.

To start off, make sure that you become familiar with the basics of any film. Some of the most common examples are the title, the director, and the cast. Each of these elements, while simple on the surface, will ensure that film study is carried out as effectively as possible. Sometimes it's best to have all of your basics in place and nowhere is this more apparent than in the film study process. For the sake of greater learning, don't forget this.

An unbiased nature is also required to get the most out of film study class. You may not be the biggest supporter of horror movies, either due to fear or what have you, so what happens when you're tasked with watching a scary movie yourself? Chances are that you'll be less likely to give it praise. What this means is that you have to possess as little bias as possible. If you take up this method, chances are that you will become better able to approach any film in class.

Believe it or not, sounds are also necessary when it comes to evaluating films in their entirety. Soundtracks are created in order to create atmosphere in any movie, regardless of the genre it belongs to. When a horror movie needs an audio backdrop of sorts, music that indicates dread or nervousness will be the most effective. If you're going to look at a film in its entirety, it's of the utmost importance to look into how music and sound can be incorporated.

Film study is, without question, one of the better subjects that can be taken up in school. It has the ability to showcase what film is all about, not only as a viewing experience but more of a broader artistic platform as well. I believe that it's especially worthwhile to recognize how these elements come together, since there's more than what we see on screen. Film study can provide this learning experience, and do so in an intriguing way.

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