jeudi 28 mai 2015

Looking For Tribute Bands For Hire

By Ericka Marsh

When looking for a live band for an event, there are numerous factors to consider such as budget, type of event and the venue. Tribute bands for hire offer a way of providing a specific type of music to suit an event like hiring a Beatles group for a 60th birthday party. These groups exist to honor the music of original artists like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Alice Cooper and Neil Diamond. Some of them have performed for many years and their acts are of such a high standard that they even have their own fans.

Some of these groups have been together for many years and have become quite famous in their own right. Neil Diamond, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and others have inspired many groups to try and recreate their sounds. Costumes, hairstyles and even gestures and mannerisms are studied closely. For others, it is all about capturing the distinctive sounds of the original band. They use authentic instruments and amplifiers.

A great help when making a choice is to listen to demo tracks. These tracks are created in a studio so one does not receive the same impression as a live performance but it does give some idea of what the band sounds like. A video of a live show gives more idea of the overall experience provided.

One of the most important considerations is the venue. A number of groups are able to adapt to the size of a venue. They have a smaller number of members who perform in an intimate venue and are able to scale up with more members, instruments and lighting for bigger venues. A larger band needs a stage and a fairly large space to sound its best.

Budget is always an important consideration and here again, a band may be able to adapt what is provided to suit a particular budget. Some of the more well known groups obviously charge more as they have the experience of having played for years for many different types of clients. The size of the band and the length of time they play also affects the price.

Some of the groups use professionally recorded backing tracks. This helps them to create a full sound and still be affordable. It also means they are more adaptable to smaller venues.

Once you have found the band you want, you need to check whether it is available. A quote will be sent to you including all costs such as travel and extras. If it suits your budget, all you need to do is sign a contract and pay a deposit.

Once a band has been selected, a check can be made to find out whether it is available on the date. A quote will include all the costs such as transport and any extras. Once a booking has been made, a contract is signed by the band and the client. A deposit is usually required upfront to secure the booking.

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