samedi 9 mai 2015

Inspirational Art

By Emily Sigidson

Different things inspire different people. This is possibly the most awesome and bewildering fact about inspiration-it is accessible through many different channels. It is because of inspiration sourcing that we are able to witness and take part in much of the world's most beautiful creations. This can be across all aspects of life. From music to motherhood, we all require some form of encouragement.

Nevertheless, for a painter, it is a mandatory knack to be capable of portraying what affects and inspires you. Success is found when this ability is awakened and portrayed into a painting. It is a most incredible thing to bare witness to the emotion felt by the artist and proves the best evidence for the power of this ability.

Given that, there are many different causes and triggers that allow people to become motivated to create a work of art. Whether it is heartache or elation, this range of emotions can pave the path for a beautiful, creative process.

Often times, artists will use symbolism in their work to reflect their ongoing struggle to find inspiration. This is not always a blatant focal point, but instead must be sought out with careful research by the viewer.

Although the symbolism may not always be the focal point for the painting, it must certainly not be downplayed in its role. Often times, this is the artist telling you to take your time. Notice the fine print. Let the artwork channel an emotion or memory that is significant to you.

Now that you are aware of this little known fact, make sure you take your time with a piece of art. Recognize the inconspicuous. Let the artwork take you to a memory and move you. This is when you will become a true appreciator of the art of inspiration. You will be glad you did!

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