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Functions Of Remotely Operated Vehicles

By Tammie Caldwell

As a result of the modern technological advancements, vehicles that can be operated under water without the need of an operator being on board exist. Their control is achieved in a number of ways. They are either attached to numerous cables connected to the vessels hosting the operator or a command is sent to them by use of signals. ROV is the abbreviation for remotely operated vehicles which have embraced this technology and play many important roles.

Scientists are always inventing new things as days pass. While carrying out research work in water bodies, they make use of the said vehicles. They also use them in undertaking experiments that need to be done in such areas. Sample collection is also achieved through their use as well as taking of videos and photos as evidence of their findings.

The explorers also use these types of locomotives to carry out their work of exploration and survey. Minerals can be deposited at the water floors which may be difficult for human beings to go there personally. Most of these have led to discovering of mineral rich regions at these depths. They also use them to collect samples of the same to determine the quality and quantity of their findings.

ROVs are fitted with cameras and video recorders. This means that they get to take images as well as videos while in use. In case of accidents happening at the waters and the vessels sinking, they are used in identifying the location and any possible survivors. Also through them, ancient wrecks such as the Titanic were discovered.

Apart from identifying such vessels, the vehicles are used to retrieve important items such as the black box of an airplane that crashed on a water body. Most of them are advanced in a way that they have the functionality imitating the capability a human being. Many lives have also been saved through them as they are in a position to create openings in case of people been trapped in an enclosure.

The military is also using the same to achieve a number of their duties. In times of war or attacks, the machines are used to survey foreign water bodies or check the availability of an incoming vessel. They are ideal since they can easily go undiscovered by the enemies. The autos are also used in patrolling the water bodies as a matter of national security.

Documenting and filming also takes place in water bodies. Shooting a scene in deep waters is not easily achieved by divers and calls in for special equipment. Such explains why the film industry is a common client for these vehicles. Documentaries have also been made covering water bodies and explaining more of the aquatic life by use of the equipment.

The oil and gas industries also find a number of uses from such a machine. They can be able to explore for areas with rich oil and gas deposits and also determine how possible the process of tapping such resources is. In case of oil spills, they are used to determine the level of damage caused and the best way to handle such a life threatening disaster.

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