dimanche 24 mai 2015

Fine Art Purchase Thru E-Commerce

By Emily Sigidson

I recently came across a very cool article that discussed the direction of purchasing in the fine art industry. It touched on some major changes that were occurring and hinted at what the future of art would look like. It was a very eye-opening read from the NY Times about the direction of e-commerce in relation to fine art. It touches on the hesitations associated with the online purchase of fine, expensive artwork and predicts a shift in this mentality.

It is not a huge shock that many consumers are reluctant to purchase fine art online. Unlike books and music, this purchase dips deeper into your pocket and proves more of an investment than simple purchase. This is perhaps the leading reason for art's inability to really take off through Internet purchasing.

With that said, there is now a changing of gears forecasted for future art investors. The reason is pretty black and white and really makes sense when you stop to think about it.

This young, wealthy generation is packing a new mindset than that of their parents. They have grown up making online purchase and prove less resistant to do so even when it comes to luxury goods. There is a certain security that is felt among them that is not in fact shared with generations before them. This next group of wealth appreciates the ease and efficiency that comes with acquiring goods through a few clicks of the mouse.

It would appear that the art scene would begin its journey into modern day consumer purchases, as wealthy investors begin to take comfort in luxury purchasing online. These changes appear to be happening quickly. With that being said, prepare for some major and exciting changes coming to the art world!

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