mardi 5 mai 2015

Game Design & The Top Principles To Know

By Michael Robert Peterson

Those who have been involved in video games, for a long time, will tell you that certain elements work. Graphics, sound, and gameplay alike are made with the same idea in mind: to create the highest level of quality possible. Each of these hinge on the concept of game design principles, which is what I'd like to go into detail about right now. As a matter of fact, if you're curious about making the most out of these principles, here are a few points not to be ignored.

If you want to talk about game design fundamentals, the ways in which new concepts are introduced cannot be overlooked. Many of these concepts come in the form of new weapons and items, meaning that time should be given for players to get used to them. The way that this happens, in many cases, is for levels to be built around those very pieces of gear. When this level of design is taken up, it's easier for unique concepts to be absorbed.

Story should be told, in game design, through various elements. It's easy to see that dialogue matters, but to say that this is the only way that a narrative can be carried out would be something of a lie. In fact, set pieces and music can come together in order to further a story, giving it a greater degree of weight than it would have had otherwise. If these elements are crafted with care, and incorporated in the best of ways, any game's story will shine brighter.

Without fun factor, though, how can game design be carried out? No one can argue with the fact that video games, as technologically advanced as they might be, must carry enjoyment with them as well. It's the main reason why certain games are rated higher than others across different publication. This is why players want to push forward and see what the rest of the story has to offer. Events like these can only come about if products are, to put it simply, fun to play.

Keep in mind, though, that these are just a few principles for game design students to know. There are many other topics to look into, and each of them will make or break the games that men and women alike create. Game design is becoming a broader and broader field in time, since just about anyone with technological experience can get involved. In order to maximize these efforts in the long run, though, the principles in question cannot be ignored.

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