jeudi 21 mai 2015

The Exclusivity Of Couture Fashion

By Tammie Caldwell

A term that can literally be translated from the French as sewing or dressmaking has come to mean so much more. When the French word haute is placed in front of it, it refers to an excellence in the making of garments. Couture fashion is often made largely by hand and great attention is paid to every detail. Exclusive clients expect a perfect fit for the prices they are prepared to pay.

Parisian women have a reputation for their sense of style. Their desire for bespoke garments that made them stand out from the crowd goes back many years. The garment industry in Paris has a rich history and this is protected fiercely. Only top designers are able to use the label.

Design houses must belong a particular organization in Paris and employ 15 or more people. They are required to present their collections twice a year and show at least 35 outfits, including both daytime and evening wear. Pierre Cardin, Coco Chanel, Elie Saab, Jean-Paul Gautier and Christian Dior are amongst the fashion giants who belong to this syndicate.

The fabrics used for their garments are superb such as luxurious silks, fine wools, soft cashmere and leather. Hours of workmanship are spent on each piece and many individuals may work on it. The ideas behind these garments are original and each designer has a particular style. Chanel is known for its understated elegance while Christian Dior is more avant garde.

The originality, quality materials and excellence of workmanship all contribute to the high prices charged for such garments. They are only affordable to a very small, select clientele. However, the high profile clients and fashion shows garner much publicity for the brands, and this helps promote their other ranges that are more profitable.

Most of these giant brands have ready-to-wear collections. These are still quality garments and capture the signature style of the brand without the hefty price tag. Most houses also have ranges of accessories like bags and scarves as well as perfumes. It is these items that are often purchased in large quantities, enabling the brands to continue making exclusive garments that do not make them money.

It is the top designers who create new fashions and styles. They introduce the looks that filter down through the rest of the market. The fashion weeks held in Paris, New York, London and Milan are showcases for their designs and one of the main ways of advertising for a brand.

So, the practice of producing these exclusive garments continues. A few rich clients benefit from the service and privacy offered by such a system as well as owning garments that are made to fit them perfectly. The publicity helps to build the image of the brand, ensuring that their ready-to-wear ranges are in great demand. Those who love the styles but cannot afford the high prices can enjoy these garments and accessories like scarves, bags and perfumes at a price more affordable to them. Everybody wins and this is why such a system continues to exist.

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