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How To Write A Stage Play For The Next Show

By Stella Gay

Professionalism in play writing ranges from the formatting and the style of presentation to the way you put the names of your characters, how you arrange the colon in front of each name and the words of each character. For your writing to appear more presentable, professional and well turned-out, you must ensure you understand the instructions on how to write a stage play. Each name should be placed in its own space, but you can also assign a new space when writing the directions or a word showing what is going on in the performance.

It can be so scary to some staring at an empty page and expecting to write a comedy script for live performance. However, attitude will drive you in the right direction. Whether you are writing for your church or commercial purpose, the task can be completed and your show can become a hit.

You can also decide to have a play writing program or software, which guides you and ensures you are writing in the correct format. Keep in mind that a wrong format or ill-formatted play is not only irritating, but confusing as well. The software helps to keep you on track and even performs auto corrections in case you misplaced stage direction for instance.

When creating the title, you need to be as creative as possible so as to create one that communicates what the play is about and as well keep the audience eager, interested and wondering about the show. Think about the plot, how the story will be accomplished and the scheme of the entire thing. The plot ought to be driven from the theme and the main story character.

Generally, you should introduce your characters in the beginning of the plot especially the main ones. Other than the plot, theme and title, you must also decide on your setting, which normally involves location, surrounding, time and the background props being used. Regardless of what you pick on, your scenery is supposed to be conducive to time and location chosen.

You need to use a verb when defining your characters and even let the verb to naturally shape and describe their behaviors. As long as you have conceived an established brilliant idea, you can expand it to a dramatic or a comic storyline by documenting it in writing. On the other hand, writing is a God given talent, you can have it, or not.

Decide on what costumes and make-ups are appropriate for your show and each of the characters. Your costumes and makeup should conform to the period of your performance. If it is a show of 1970s, try using hairstyles and clothes that relate to that time.

Lastly, it is better to decide on where the scene breaks will take place and the sound effects. After you have made a conclusion on every element of the show, you can put it down into writing and further focus on producing a great performance ever. First, write a rough copy, proofread then edit before making the final script.

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