jeudi 19 décembre 2013

Bad News About Potty Training.

Bad News About Potty Training...

Today... If you'll allow me?  

I'd like to introduce you to a good friend who can save you a lifetime of frustration and disappointment when potty training your child.  

You may be familiar with her?  

Her name is The Potty Training Guru, but she prefers Carol Cline.  

Carol Cline has helped thousands of parents potty train their child successfully in over 67 countries around the world.  

How can she help you?  

By showing you how potty training can be easy... If you follow a proven plan.  

Most parents potty train using trial and error and *prolong* potty training by months instead of just days if they had used a proven plan.  

==>Carol Cline explains here

The longer you wait to potty train your child... The harder it will be for you... Even if they are currently not showing any signs of being ready.  

Even if you had tried potty training in the past and failed...  

...Listen, it's NOT your fault.  

==>Here's what's going on with your child

I don't know for sure?  

But this is likely the most important lesson about potty training I could EVER share with you.  

I say that because I've known parents who've potty trained their children in just 3 days...  

only using 3 simple tips Carol Cline suggested to them… and now never have to pay for or change diapers ever again.  

If only every parents used Carol Clines method... parents would have their child potty trained in days... instead of weeks or even months...  

==>Here's her proven method

Would you mind grabbing a piece of paper and taking notes?  

I truly believe this is THAT important to your child's future....  

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