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Contents Of The Monuments Men Book

By Marcia Marks

The monuments men book gives a historical setting where the German Nazis stole treasure and artwork from the museum. This led to the heroic act from soldiers sent to get back the treasure. The journey they went through, hostility, fighting, and entire planning, describes the passion and avid desire to return the artwork. There is currently a movie on display to show this entire journey

The manuscript has undergone different editions but based on the true story of events, which took place during the Nazi thieves period. It focuses on heroes who took the risk to visit the opposing side, and get back the stolen treasure. This was not easy especially in identifying all the stolen treasure, which was hid in different Nazi camps. They faced hostility but eventually came out as heroes.

The production team decided to put up a film to educate people about the heroic missions and most importantly the planned mission of getting the treasure back. There are detailed sections in the film, which many people did not understand took place. This film has allowed many people to appreciate the historic events, which went a long way to protect their treasure.

Treasure was stolen from the museum. Some dared back to many years, making it harder to replace such a treasured memory. After getting the order from the generals to reclaim the treasure, the team set up a plan to identify the stolen goods from the museum. The trail led to the German Nazi thieves who had skills of fighting, stealing, and used powerful weapons.

There were different artworks in display from renowned painters and artists. Some of the paintings cost millions of dollars and dated back centuries ago. It was not an easy task to get them back to the rightful owner. The Nazis had duplicate paintings and this confused the soldiers when they went to get back the paintings.

There were loads of treasure hidden in the Nazi camps and in order to attain them, the soldiers had to put up a huge fight. They stole the original treasures of the land from a number of differ measures. This was a well-planned and executed process that the Nazis had in play. It was not easy for them to steal and had to take a huge risk. This caught most of the guards unawares, but they had to do something fast to return the merchandise.

The effort of the soldiers display calls for admiration and heroism. They had to leave their comfortable homes in order to get the treasures of the country and prevent further theft. The journey was not easy since they had to adapt the right plan. It took effort, heroic acts, and most importantly determination to return the prized possessions.

The monuments men book and the film has attained positive reviews. It shows the history of the people and the way treasure stolen and the process of the rescue. However, some treasure was not rescued to date but most of the original artwork was returned to the original owners. The film dramatizes the entire event making it easier to relate to the events that happened in history.

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