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Becoming Kathy Durst Artist By Viewing Her Work

By Marcia Marks

Kathy Durst artist was educated at the University of Texas at Austin. Born in Redwing, Minnesota, she grew up in Rockford, Illinois and went to an all-girls school. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and an all-level teaching certificate in Visual Arts. Having retired from teaching, Kathy was invited to display a selection of pieces from her ark-full of painted collages at her first solo show at the Ross Gallery in 2014.

A quarter of a century of teaching art has exposed the artist to almost every conceivable medium and technique. A lot of her work that is currently available for viewing online is paper painting collage stuff. Her "Lammie" is a great example of what can be achieved with creative use of scraps of paper and paint.

"Lammie" and "Yulka" illustrate what can be achieved by creatively employing paint and carefully selected scraps of paper. In "Yulka, " we see an empty soft drink bottle showing through a floral patterned swimsuit for flotation. This is a very deft application of the collage painting technique.

The materials involved in painted paper collage are easily available and not at all expensive. The method can be taught to a group of under-fives in a matter of an afternoon. Give these same children a quarter of a century of experience and the Durst talent and skill, and the future is going to be fun to watch. Try and view some videos on the Internet of people using this method. It will give you an insight into the artist's work. It is incredibly relaxing to view an artist at a day at the office.

Most of the subjects of Durst's work that you will find involve animals; this is the theme of her Ross Gallery exposition. In the whimsical, "Take Me Along, " you see two scuba divers working their way through a sea of atlas cuttings and musical notes. They look really happy. Try THAT with a set of watercolors and paper.

The artist's work inspires creativity. You can't help but seek out more and more examples of what she has produced. You will also be driven to learn more about the technique and start imagining the fruits of your own efforts. In no time at all, you will feel like a part of the artistic community and assembling your own materials and working space.

Her "Rose, " is a different kettle of fish. Apart from being a departure from animals, it may or may not be another example of the painted paper collage technique. It could be. She is that good. The blossom is in shades of flamingo and coral, with little splashes of the main hues dotted around in the surrounding foliage.

Kathy Durst artist uses textured papers and stencils to give her work character and depth. Don't be discouraged if your own efforts look like something a four-year-old produced in Sunday School. Give yourself a quarter of a century and people all over the world will be admiring your efforts.

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