dimanche 22 décembre 2013

What Do Talent Management Companies Look For In People?

By Harriett Crosby

Many people usually think that talent management companies manage entertainers like musicians, actors among other artists. But these companies do a totally different task to what many people think. They assist employers in recruiting talented and skilled persons to their firms. Apart from this, they help the employer determine who to retain, develop and reward in the firm.

Since they assist in recruitment, there are many people out there wondering what aspects these management companies look for in people. There are certain traits they consider greatly in people they seek to recruit. To begin the list is knowledge and skills. Obviously, an individual ought to have certain level of education say a degree in order to be chosen. The degree can be in a specific area of study or any area.

Skills are also an important factor they consider. Skills can be in accounting, auditing or any other area that an individual has been practicing. Apart from skills, experience also matters. Individuals who have previously worked in a particular area stand a better chance of being picked by these organizations as compared to those who have zero experience.

Another thing always considered during selection by these talent management corporations is personal traits. Individuals who stand out are better placed on the pack as compared to those who are laid back. Therefore the traits often looked at include passion where one has zeal for what he is pursuing, confidence in expressing issues and vision for the future.

These factors are the main ones considered during recruitment. There are other minor ones that can still be considered during hiring. But before these aspects can be considered, an individual will have to undertake some tests. These tests are always referred to as the aptitude tests. They assess the intelligence of a person, if he can cope in certain situations what he or she can do when something arises among other factors.

After individuals have performed well in the aptitude tests is when they can go to the interviewing level where the qualities mentioned above can be assessed. Many people can qualify to this level but beyond that, the list is narrowed to a small number of individuals. Competition here is very high since people seem to have similar qualities. But the recruiters will use other means as a way to pick the most talent and skilled individual.

It is important for people to know that other than recruitment task, the companies also provide career guidance to learners still in high schools or universities through seminars held annually. During these seminars, they capture attention of many pupils who strive to standout among their fellow pupils and are chosen to work with a particular firms Other than this, they can offer training program to talented individuals with potential for success.

This article therefore helps people understand better what talent management companies do and what they look for in people. Their main job is to assist in recruitment, training and retaining performing employees. Therefore for retaining purposes, these corporations help assess performance of employees and their potential in the future. Those who have potential for success in the future are retained and necessary resources allocated to develop their skills. Those with no potential for success are laid off.

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