jeudi 19 décembre 2013

This is what stopping you from making a lot more money from your website.

This is what stopping you from making a lot more money from your website.

Hey there,

As I told you in the previous email how important the website’s speed is when it comes to making money online.

It's really important to make sure your wp site loads as fast as possible.

And this is what makes the WordPress site load slow...

1. Outdated Plugins, themes & WordPress (not only they make your site slow but also venerable for hackers & spammers )
2. Using a Plugin that is not coded well or not knowing how the plugin works
a. For example: â€" did you know that Contact Form 7 adds 3 http requests on each one of your pages even on those where you don’t have a contact form?
b. And just to simplify it for you each http request takes about 200ms â€" 1 seconds & sometimes even more…
3. Plugins & themes that you don’t need & are just sitting there â€" I mean honestly how many times you buy a plugin install it on your site to see how it works & it sits there?
4. Using a plugin that has a lot more features than you need
a. Example JetPack - it includes several plugins in one as a result it makes the site load slow
b. Using a plugin that is just plain slow â€" Bharat Tekwani, the creator or FastTrack WP, did a test where he tested 12 different social sharing plugins & found the some of them can literally double the load time of your site…And these plugins have over 2 million downloads on

Did anyone of these sound something you have done on your site? If so then go fix it now because it’s hurting your business.

Once you fix these issues the next technique that can have dramatic effect on your load time is your images...

So in the next email I will show you how you can serve your images from powerful CDN of Akamai & Amazon Cloudfront for free & make your site load a whole lot faster...

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