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Why Are Boulet Cowboy Boots Special

By Jeannie Chapman

Boulet cowboy boots have a well known reputation that has spread to fifteen countries over the years. Established in 1933 these boots are known for their comfortable fit and stylish good looks. They are durable enough for long term wear and have outstanding attention to detail and quality.

The founder of the company, Georges-Alidor Boulet, began his profession while working in a men's boot factory. He soon broke free and started his own company in the small town of St-Tite in Quebec. This little town was known for two things. The first being the high quality leather goods that they produced and the second reason was the hard working devoted population that lived there. The combination of these three elements coming together helped to create a boot factory that would survive successfully until present times.

His company earned a three A rating for quality boot making in Canada. His footwear was chosen by the government to be worn by the entire Canadian Army during World War Two. He turned this commission into a very successful enterprise.

The factory employs over one hundred sixty long term people. Each employee has an average of fifteen years on the job. They have a continuous training program for the workers in order to ensure the quality of the workmanship. The skilled dedication to quality is one reason that the footwear is known for such high quality.

Three generations of Boulets have carried the same devotion to quality and style that the company started with. The sons worked in the factory and learned every aspect of their business prior to accepting the lead from their fathers. Through the years there has always been someone making certain that the leather and quality remains top of the line. The employees are as devoted to a future of success for the company as the owners have always been.

This company is the largest boot making company in Canada. They have more styles and cuts of boot than any competitor. They have the reputation for comfort, durability and the best fit on the market. Every boot features a thirteen inch shaft that is stitched and coordinates with the foot of the boot. Each boot is made from burnished leather and has easy on pull straps in the shaft.

There are several things to consider when you are looking for a boot to wear. The toes and heels have many different cuts. The toe of the boot can be pointed, round or square. Each style of toe has degrees of point or roundness and a name to go with it. Women's styles may have the same look as a man's boot but a different name. The heels have eight distinct styles and names for each. As for leather there are six varieties of animal to choose from including reptile and ostrich.

When looking for high quality in footwear you can hardly go wrong with Boulet cowboy boots. They have the reputation for craftsmanship and durable style that has lasted for over eighty years. The variety of leathers and designs is legendary among boot wearers and cowboys. They have a long history of quality production and three generations of excellent production of boot wear to their names.

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