mardi 17 décembre 2013

Load your images from Akamai & Amazon Cloudfront for free?

Load your images from Akamai & Amazon Cloudfront for free?

Hey There,

In last email, I showed you 4 things that usually make a wordpress site load slow & hopefully you have fixed them by now.

And as promised, in this email I will show you how to serve your images from Akamai & Amazon Cloudfront for free.

But before I do that let me tell you why it’s important to do that...

Well, because as per average web page now has about 1mb of images (more than 60% of total content, including html, JS & CSS) â€" 30% more than what their size used to be just a year ago.

And it makes total sense because these days we build more graphically pleasing sites & sharing a lot of images on our site because images do get traffic from sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

But the downside of that is the images make our site load slow

But of course, we don’t want to make our site load fast at the cost of how pleasing they look because then that will hurt our conversion too because today people do expect highly pleasant sites.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to
a) make sure they are well optimized &
b) make sure to offload them from more robust servers â€" like Amazon CloudFront CDN & Akamai CDN because the $5 a month hosting is really not built to serve big images...

There is a service called Cloudinary that will let you host your images on Akamai & Amazon CloudFront CDN for free.

And they have special WordPress plugin too which will help you upload all of your images on CloudFront & Akamai with just couple of clicks...How cool is that?

Step 1 - So just go to create a free account

Step 2 - install their WordPress Plugin â€" it available at

Step 3 - Click couple of buttons & it will upload all of your images to Akamai or Cloudfront.

That’s it. Believe it or not it’s really that easy & it’s free. So go ahead and upload your images to Akamai & Cloudfront now & start making your pages load super fast & bank more $$$.

That’s it for this email & tomorrow I will send you another email where I will talk about how you can get almost any WordPress site to load in about 3-4 seconds during a weekend without having to write a single line of code or spending a fortune on the hosting servers.

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