lundi 23 décembre 2013

Many Times A Great Food Packaging Illustration Is A Deciding Factor

By Marcia Marks

Every brand or product needs a logo. From examples such as the tick on a pair of Nike trainers to food packaging illustration, these small and simple designs carry a great amount of meaning to both the discerning and undiscerning eye. But choosing such a logo or design is difficult and is often beyond the ability of many business minded company or brand owners.

How do you make your brand stand out from the rest then? Well there are several useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to designing the right image for your brand. This is of course not an exhaustive list and coming up with your own ideas to add to it will go a long way towards helping you in the future.

First off, always remember to design your packaging with clarity and simplicity. Potential customers need to be able to tell right away what will be in the box before they take it. Failing to register this within the mind of the consumer may result in them disregarding your product as they have no idea what they are buying. Also important in this is the recognition of your brand. Building brand awareness is important to bringing back returning customers. A catchy slogan or impressive logo will go a long way towards helping your brand in this regard.

The second step in the process is to locate a reasonable and trustworthy designer. It is always better to meet face-to-face rather than to source a designer over the internet, to do so may be cheaper but will probably only result in a low quality output. Also being able to see a designer's portfolio of work firsthand will let you know what their quality of work is like.

Thirdly, an important decision to make is that of your choice of type. A custom type seen in such logos as that of Coca-Cola will delight to the eye and show that your brand is unique and inventive. Standard lettering shows no attempt to be original or take any risks and will not impress anything upon viewers and customers.

Shelf impact is another idea to take into consideration. What will the packages look like when they are placed side-by-side in large numbers? How will they fit together or stack-up? Streamlined or inventive ideas in this regard will pull customers to your section of the store and will ensure success as more and more of your items fly off the shelves.

Always remember to give feedback to your designer during this process. Letting them know exactly what you feel about each design will go a long way towards helping them develop a design that is more to your liking. Look at the design process as a journey rather than a destination.

Therefore always remember to keep in mind these simple hints when designing food packaging illustration. Doing so will set your brand apart and instill the idea within the minds of your customers. Never forget the customer is always right.

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