vendredi 20 décembre 2013

Could this be THE most important test of your life?

Could this be THE most important test of your life?

As tests go, this one is short.

12 multiple-choice questions and about 2 minutes of your time figuring out how to answer them.

And at the end of it?

A prediction about just how susceptible you are to THE most dreaded of diseases.

I am talking about cancer. The Big C as it is sometimes called.

Carolyn Hansen, fitness professional and nutrition expert, has put together a powerful little quiz that she claims will give you an unnerving glimpse into your future:

Click here to find out your Cancer Risk Number

Maybe you have wondered whether there are things you may be doing that are INCREASING your chances of having to deal with cancer in the years ahead?

Well, this is one way to get that question answered. And it only takes 2 minutes of your time!

And consider this. If there was an invisible sword hanging over your head and someone offered to show you how to step out from under it, wouldn't you want to take just 2 minutes of your time to see what it was they were talking about?


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