dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Basic Facts About The Sloovie Slideshow Creator

By Marcia Marks

People who like making presentations will appreciate the Sloovie Slideshow Creator. This is one of several apps which are available in the Google store. This can be easily installed on any compatible mobile devices whenever you would like to get it from the site. The download does not take too long and can be available in a few minutes.

Behemus LLC created this application. They have become known for lots of different products, including those developed for gaming. Their Android games include Monster Defense. Other items in their catalog include Halloween Scares, Baby Development, Calorie Counter and Cell Phone Tracker.

Their Slideshow Creator was also designed for Android devices. People who enjoy making their own films will enjoy the ease with which they can do that with this product. You can use photos and other images from your phone to construct a movie. Pursuing your creativity is possible with older graphics from years gone by and modern material.

With Sloovie, you can also edit slide shows that have been built on other phones. This makes it easier for groups of people to work on just one film. Collaboration of this nature allows you to share ideas and may even help you to branch into other directions with your work. Remember that it also works on other equipment that run on the Android platform.

After your movies are finished, you can upload them to Twitter and other social media networks. This is a hassle free process since the files are saved as MP4s. This format can be used with FaceBook as well, so that your friends and family, as well as other members of your community, can see what you have been up to.

You can add a soundtrack to the movie you create. As you know, music can have a profound effect on the way that viewers relate to media. For example, a slow song can emphasize a feeling of earnestness or put the person who is watching in a reflective mood. Likewise, a faster, more energetic beat can speed up the pace.

Without music, your film can seem boring or even dull. It also makes it more likely that some members of your audience may misinterpret your intent. With the right soundtrack, the meaning of your movie becomes easier to understand and this is why it is important to have it. Hobbyists and professionals like the fact that this software comes with this helpful feature.

People who use Sloovie like all the features that it comes with. It allows you to get really creative by applying color filters and making other tweaks that carry your film from one level to another. With an app like this, collaborating with other filmmakers in your neighborhood becomes a breeze because you can easily transfer data from one device to another and make the changes that you want to. This tool is definitely one to explore if you like making movies.

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