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How To Draw Cartoon Characters

By Cornelia White

Artists who seek to know how to draw cartoon characters must engage a lot of creativity. The artist must work hard to identify features that standout in the character of interest. This trick also works when using computer software. It takes dedication to master the art of drawing. This enables one to draw an image that is not confusing to viewers or those reading the scripts in papers. Perfect resemblance eliminates the possibility of doubt.

It takes imagination and creativity to master any cartoon character. This is the ability to twist and turn the image in different directions without losing resemblance. Some of the positions that should be considered include a running character, sited, in motion or engaging in natural activities. With creativity, it is possible to still bring out the distinct elements that identify a character.

To capture the image of a character perfectly, an artist begins by sketching the main feature. This could be a unique head, facial expression, body size or expression that identifies the character. The artist should imagine the progression of activities and common behavior for your character. This means the turns he is likely to make, reactions and body contours. The sketch is drawn in relation to other objects that will be included in the picture.

After the permanent features are drawn, attention shifts to characteristics that change. They include dressing and interaction with the environment. The shape of some body parts remains constant. Facial expressions depend on the environment and activities around. Body positioning also changes depending on activities captured in the shot. Changes happen especially in situations where a story is being told.

Drawing is an art that requires persistence and practice to master. The intensity of training and practice determines how well you are going to master your skills. Beginners will need to work harder to ensure that their drawing is captivating and consistent. Following a single character allows an artist to gain mastery of skills. It is easy and possible to eliminate major errors. Concentration allows one to be creative and more imaginative than working with multiple characters who can be confusing.

Captions define the outcome of a cartoon project. They appear in the form of words and expressions that enrich the message delivered by the drawing. Some of the captions include facial expressions, commentaries and words. The relationship should be mutual with the caption enhancing the image and vice versa.

Cartoons are also including color in the modern day art. The choice of color is likely to form part of the identification aspect or be dictated by the environment. The caption included also affects the choice of color. Movements during animation and related speech alter the image but not beyond recognition. There are incredible apps that will help you to develop a perfect image.

A lot of commitment is required from anyone who seeks to know how to draw cartoon characters. Perfection is possible for those who are willing to learn and are creative enough. This is important in developing a character with consistent features. The uniqueness of each frame should be brought out such that readers or viewers are able to easily identify the image.

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