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Can Jews Be Gay Or Are They Prohibited

By Karina Frost

As homosexuality is being more and more accepted in the community these days, there are still some groups that do not accept homosexuals because of the culture of the group. One of the groups that do not condone to homosexual acts would be the Jews. So the main question of the issue would be can jews be gay or not.

Now the main teaching of Judaism when it comes to this aspect is that Jews are not against gays at all. What they do not allow would be the sexual acts that gays would commit with each other. So basically, what they are trying to say is that Jews are actually allowed to be homosexuals but they are just banned from committing any of the sexual acts that heterosexuals would do with each other.

Now to see as to where this kind of teaching came from, one would first have to look at the Bible as a source. Now the main source as to where the scholars got this teaching would of course be from Leviticus eighteen verses twenty two. This verse states that a man cannot lie with another man like he would with a woman otherwise it is abhorrent thing.

Now although the verse states this, the Bible does not explicitly explain why this is forbidden in the first place. Of course the teachers would argue that this is simply because in the beginning, there was a man and a woman and no gay. They concluded that homosexuality is a sin that was created by humans.

The thing about this reason is that there actually is no basis for it which means that it is not very convincing. It is for this reason that there is an interpretation that was created by Bar Kaparrah in Talmud. He claims that homosexuality is against the teaching of marriage and children which can be found in the Torah.

Now if one would notice, the Torah only explicitly points out that men and men are not supposed to have sexual acts together. Of course this means that they left out the women who like other women. So now there would be a question as to whether lesbianism is also frowned upon too.

Now the Rabbis would actually teach that lesbianism is also not allowed as well. Of course their reason for saying so is that it is also an act of homosexuality which goes against procreation. However, lesbians are not put under as much pressure as gay men since lesbians are not explicitly mentioned in the Torah.

So in a nutshell, Judaism permits homosexuals to exist but does not permit the acts. Now the rabbis believe that some of them are actually born gay. What the rabbis do not allow is that they would carry out sexual acts with those of the same sex. To sum it all up, a Jewish gay can be like that provided he does not commit a homosexual act otherwise he will be sinning.

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