lundi 20 octobre 2014

The Spiritual Meaning Of Trees Across Culture

By Patty Goff

The tree has become synonymous with life, energy, wisdom, and sustenance that is an important part of spiritual belief systems and practices. The spiritual meaning of trees has been recognized as dating back thousands of years and is included in a large number of myths and stories that provide a sense of support and meaning. There are many different trees and each of these can play a significant role in the development of a firm foundation.

There are many symbols that are associated with trees including beauty, life, and strength. With its deep root system and branches that extend skyward in an intricate display of leaves and colors, it is considered as a suitable choice for those who are interested in growth. The trees and shrubs that are fruit bearing are recognized as sustenance and life and continued renewal.

One of the most well known of vegetation includes the Tree of Life that is referenced in the Bible and many other cultures. Its meaning can be attributed to ancient beliefs and is most often concerned with energy and deep rooted systems that allow for the building of a firm foundation and continuous growth. Understanding such symbolism requires a closer look at the different cultural belief systems.

The Mayans focused on the mystical mountain called Tamoanchan, that was believed to be among the most magical regions on the planet earth. According to such practice the heavens, earth, and the underworld were all connected to the world tree that was said to be responsible for all creation. The Mayan Tree of Life is said to encompass the start of all creation as its roots and branches move through the different realms.

There is recognition of an Tree of Life in Egypt that is the creation from which the couple responsible for life emerged. It is believed to have been responsible for both life and death and includes all of the creations from which the population sprang. The image of the large tree can be found in many paintings in which the couple are included.

The practice of Kabbalah has been considered a complex approach to existence as it focuses on the concept of plant life and root systems. It is believed that this intricate growth pattern is the the key whereby the creation flows from the Divine to the earth and then back up towards the Divine. The different columns that are part of this design include the female aspect of creation, pillar of mercy, and the pillar of equilibrium.

The Tree of Life is widely recognized in the Garden of Eden and is referenced in many biblical stories. It was guarded by a snake and included a river that ran in the different directions as representative of the heavens, life, and the earth. This tree has served as a symbol between man and his union with God including life, love, and eternal spiritual wellness.

There is a great deal of focus on the spirit processes that are involved in different cultures and religious beliefs. Regardless of the complexities involved in such belief systems, trees remain representative of union, the Divine, and new life. It remains among the most complex designs and is included in many meaningful stories that involve connection.

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