dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Some Tips For Writing A Good Novel

By Patty Goff

Many writers are talented in story telling but putting down what they want to say in writing proves quite challenging. It is a different art altogether that calls for a lot of practice to master. The starting point of creating an interesting story starts with organizing your thoughts. Most writers even create a rough draft of their work. Regardless of your style, the following tips for writing a good novel will undoubtedly be helpful.

It goes without saying that you need to be well prepared just as for any work of art. The preparation here entails many things ranging from conducting research on your subject matter. Research will be needed whether you are a factual or fictional writer. In some instances, you may need to conduct interviews, visit geographical locations and so on.

Make sure that your story has a captivating plot. It should be something that your readers will remember and narrate to other people easily. When your events are chronologically linked the reader will be interested in trying to find out what follows next and will keep reading the book to the end. If you have several stories in your novel, there should be a general storyline.

A good writer has the ability to submerge the reader into the story. The reader should be made to use all their senses. Let them hear the rattling of leaves and the drops of water falling onto the dry, thirsty ground of the desert. Let them see the characters and the events as if they are witnesses. Let them feel, smell and taste. Capturing their imagination should be your aim.

It is virtually impossible to discuss good writing without mentioning the use of humor. It is the funny things about stories that keep us interested in reading. It is even more interesting when the humor is applied in a witty manner such that we have to apply some intelligence to see the joke. Achieving this would require that you do some practice in the area.

Emotions are an invaluable ingredient. The kind of emotion depicted in your story will undoubtedly be dictated by the type of story you are telling. The nature of human beings is such that most memories are intertwined with emotions. Consequently, the best way to make sure that your story continues to linger in the minds of your readers is to make them cry, laugh and fall in love and so on; create emotional suspense in your stories.

You should be ready to get out of your comfort zone as a writer if you are to win the hearts of readers. Delve into areas that many are afraid to. Controversial writings have been known to sell big anywhere in the world. Rather than being a fence sitter, be ready to cause a stir by your work. Include both irrational and rational elements in your work to give a human touch.

When your readers cannot conclusively guess how your story will end up, then you have written something good. The most boring story is one in which the outcome is too obvious for everyone to see. There is no thrill in reading it. A good one, on the other hand, has numerous twists and turns that force you to keep reading to find out what lies ahead.

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