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Guidelines To Follow In Dance Competition Ontario

By Patty Goff

Many people look at ballroom dancing as an activity that is carried out socially during some events. What they do not know is that it can be done competitively. These contests have greatly gained popularity especially in America. There are various competing events that bring together a lot of dancers from different places. For example, the dance competition Ontario which is usually organized in Canada.

There are various things that every dancer is required to polish on before joining any dance contest. This includes things like the finesse, the techniques and postures, the kicks and also the clarity in the dancing routines. The costume and the makeup used by the dance is also a very important part of ballroom dancing.

The dancing performances that are done for social events and those of a competition are very different. For a social event, it is easier for the dancer to be relaxed and this makes the routine to run smoothly. For a contest however, there is the need to impress the judges and the fact that there are a lot of people staring makes the dancer not to be too relaxed. Professional dancers are therefore advised to always try as much as possible to dance for the fun and not just for the competition.

When a dancer is doing their routine on stage during a contest, the spotlight is usually maintained on them. This can make any normal person tense thus affecting their routine but for professional dancers, it is essential that they remain calm to be able to deliver a good performance. One can manage to maintain calm easily if they try and forget that they are doing the routine for the competition and just pretend to be performing for fun.

It is essential to always practice the routine before the exact day of the competition. The dancers are always advised to use the exact costumes they intend to wear in the dance during the rehearsals. This will help them to know if they feel comfortable. They must look at various things like the length, tightness and also whether its affecting the way the routine should be done. They should also check the sewing to make certain it cannot get frayed during the dance.

The shoe a dancer wears is also a very important part of this routine. They should make sure they practice dancing in them before the main contest. Some shoes can be very uncomfortable and therefore they are not suitable for a dancing contest.

The dance will also look better if the dancer makes an effort to accessorize their outfit correctly. For instance they can add a beautiful necklace and hair pins if they are girls to enhance the appearance of their dress. This is a kind of dancing that many people view as attractive therefore it is an aspect that will surely be looked at by the judges.

Last but not least, these dances cannot be done is one is not confident. The secret to winning a ballroom dancing contest is being confident and relaxed. This is a contest that is supposed to be fun for both the audience and the participants. The tips given above are definitely ones that will help a dancer move their way to victory.

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