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Carl Jung Symbols Apply To Dreams And Life

By Dominique Martin

Some dream symbols are universal and apply to men as well as women. In Jungian theory, this is called the collective unconscious. Carl Jung is the famous psychoanalyst and author responsible for creating his theories of Jung symbols.

He placed great emphasis on dreams and the meanings that could be gleaned from their content. He identified his major archetypal characters and defined their symbolic meaning. There are seven noted in this article.

The Persona of an individual is the part of his personality that he shows to the public. In the sleep state this covert side of his personality is represented symbolically by another figure, possibly someone famous for a positive reason. If a dream is memorable, he may realize the famous figure that represents some part of himself.

The next is named The Shadow and symbolizes the worst aspects of yourself, which you attempt to suppress. These repressed features may appear as monsters or murderers in a dream. When recalled the next morning, you realize seeing them made you angry.

According to Jung the woman has masculine aspects and the man a feminine side. He named this Anima-Animus. In dreams the man may play a female role, such as a caregiver. The woman, on the other hand, may take on a masculine one. While a female shows aggression this way, a male may step into a more emotional, thus feminine, role.

Due to the fact that he lived in a different era, his concept of gender roles differed from those that exist today. Women were most often in dependent roles, and males in dominant ones. Currently these roles are often intermingled.

The fourth symbol is The Divine Child. In your dreams this purest part of yourself appears as a baby or child. It embodies your innocence. It also represents the aspirations you hold and the full potential you can hope to reach.

The main authority figure in your life is represented by a Wise Old Man or Woman. Any knowledgeable individual who offers help can fill this role. It might be a teacher you depend on for guidance. The Wise Old Man represents that character.

The Great Mother appearing in your dreams may be your own mother or other caretaker. As a nurturing entity she will be reassuring. Jung believed that the mother grows jealous of a child who grows distant as he grows older. This may give off negativity expressed in the dream as dominance or death.

Finally, the seventh symbol is The Trickster. His name describes his function in your dreams. His appearance might be due to your misjudgment that led to you undergoing some embarrassment during your waking hours before bedtime. He may mock you and make you feel vulnerable and weak.

The writings of Jung included early works such as Psychology of the Unconscious. His theories have an impact on psychiatry to this day. His final book, Man and His Symbols, gave a vivid portrayal of the complexity of the theories he held to be true.

His books, written in German, have been translated into English and other languages. A few of his works were written in English. He left behind a large body of work detailing the theories he created.

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