mardi 28 octobre 2014

Special Gifts For Tree Lovers

By Patty Goff

It is always special to purchase presents that have real meaning for friends and family. Gifts for tree lovers can be difficult but not impossible to find and will be very well received by the recipient. Just use your creativity and imagination to purchase the perfect item for that special someone.

Choosing jewelry pieces that depict a might elm or a thriving oak tree will appeal to this type of person. It would symbolize her awe and love for nature. A very delicate tree of life strung on a gold or silver chain would be a most thoughtful gesture. Giving a tiny charm of an evergreen or blossoming peach tree would brighten someone's day. Selecting wood bracelets from her favorite type of wood would be items that would be treasured and welcomed.

Posters or paintings that illustrate forests, groves or even a stand-alone redwood or pine will give a vision to the recipient that he will really enjoy. If windows are few and far between in his home, they will make the perfect replacement for these in almost any and every room in that specific house. Mount them and place them in frames that will really complement the type of tree depicted. Each time he sees it, he will not only think of these majestic growths but he will also think of you.

A single potted variety that he can plant where he pleases will be sure to find its way to his heart. A tiny evergreen at the holidays can serve as a Christmas centerpiece and then be planted in the area of choice later. A fruit or nut variety will give him lasting treats and fruit for years. A mini flowering selection's bloom in spring will lighten the recipient's soul and he will think of you every time he sees the delicate and fragrant flowers.

Coffee table books about the many varieties and types will be sure to intrigue him for hours. Choose colorful volumes with brilliant and varied photographs of stately pines and maples. The many seasonal changes in the photos with snow laden branches or brilliant fall leaves will give the reader new and fresh perspectives on their love of nature and the outdoors.

Craftsmen sell highly polished and varnished tables and small stools made from the circular cuts of wood from limbs and trunks. They will look beautiful anywhere in the house from the bedroom to the study to the kitchen. They will also stand up well to the elements if you place them outdoors on a patio or a front porch area.

Fragrances of pine or maple can be found in sprays, soaps, candles, lotions, perfumes and more. Choose an item and a fragrance that matches the interests and personality of the recipient. These delightful aromas will make them feel close to the outdoors and nature even if they live in a big city.

These suggestions are sure to delight and satisfy these very special people and the presents will be enjoyed and treasured for months and years to come. Their deep love for all things natural will provide even more opportunities to present them with tokens of your affection for future events such as birthdays and Christmas.

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