lundi 20 octobre 2014

Effectively Writing Horror Stories In 3 Ways

By Katie Arden

It goes without saying that fear has become an emotion we've come to associate with different types of media. Horror is one of the most favorable, since it can be told well through various platforms, movies, television shows, and otherwise. Creative writing must have been done beforehand, though, which is an endeavor that some individuals seem to be able to tackle easier than others. Follow these 3 methods and, before long, you can creative write with horror in mind as well.

To start off with, make sure that your characters are written well enough for readers to stick with them. One of the biggest problems that I have with many horror-themed works is that the protagonists are not developed well enough for me to care about them. As a result, I find myself drifting along while reading, not truly caring about what their fates were. It's a problem that can be solved through not only effective creative writing but an understanding of social behavior in general.

Be descriptive when it comes to your surroundings. Creative writing serves to bring about visuals, which means that you must utilize enough terms in order to bring a certain sense of clarity to said surroundings. They could be dark and condensed or broad yet tense. Whatever the case may be, you have to be able to paint pictures for the audience to make on their own. This can be done through descriptions, the details being some of the best when considering creative writing.

If you're going to write with horror in mind, I believe that it is important to focus on how moments are carried out. Specifically, in horror, you want to make sure that key point have enough room to breathe. I believe that horror stories are best when certain moments linger, since this allows tension to build over the course of time. When this is done - and you'll see this in any well-constructed story meant for scares - those moments matter so much more.

I do not think that anyone can argue with the fact that horror is quite popular these days. It's meant to scare us, which goes without saying, and it must be done through effective storytelling and character traits. Features like these can be captured through creative writing, especially when it is done over an extended period of time. If this level of effort is taken, as well as research after the fact, I do not think that anyone can argue with horror's greatest results.

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