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Understanding Simple And Complicated Symbols In Poetry

By Patty Goff

Being a student of literature, you may have a hard time dissecting and analyzing short stories, novels, plays, and poems of the great popular authors. Your professor might be giving you home works that will require the understanding of the meanings of words and phrases when knitted altogether. There is a need to unlock the words to understand it.

Emotions, opinions, feelings, and the perception or views of the author are just the things that literature always represents. Readers are obliged to unlock the mystery and link the adjectives, nouns, and verbs altogether. There is a secret message hidden in every phrase and stanza and when you finally unlocked it, you will be amazed on how great the author in using symbols in poetry with mystery with inexplicable truth and lies.

Every story and poem has something interesting to tell. Most of them highlight silence, war, death, defeat, success, grief, and love. They associate suffering and pain to uncertain events, cold, and dark side. Authors use their past memories to describe the happenings in a creative manner that will stimulate one's imagination.

Creative writers prefer symbolism because it can help in deepening the sense and import of every word they use. Literal words are kind of boring and predictable. Writers easily fall in love with observation because they can gather inspiration from it. It is pretty normal to feel dumb because you cannot comprehend the words right away.

Getting interested with symbolism and writing, better invest with books because you can find here some examples and the meanings are often provided as guidance. If you are out of budget, you can always browse the internet for other sources of information about literature and the old and new symbolism techniques. Messages are delivered indirectly to challenge every reader that might come across the work of a seasoned writer.

Now if you dare ask why writer choose symbolism, well, the answer is simple -- to create strong feelings and vibrant images in the mind of the reader. It also takes out the feelings and amazingly unique and unexpected reactions are formed after. Aside from drawing out emotions and pictures it is also a way to creative and artistic writing.

Wanting to learn the use of symbolism as your main method of writing, you better begin with writing few words than writing many descriptive sentences or phrases. Just limit your words. Use your imagination in expressing and losing your emotions in paper. Do not rush things. Flow the imagery of lines that suit best to your motive of writing. The content should be hard and exciting.

Great written poems usually deliver varied interpretations by different readers. Sometimes, the words appear to be much obscured, opposite, and disorganized making it difficult to fathom. Due to the arrangement of lines, it gives a sense of magic every end of the lines. Keep reading and appreciate the good outcome of constant practice in writing.

Constant practice and reading will help in improving your skills. Literature classes are open to all. For young writers out there, better look for local schools that offer trainings. Symbolism is a hard subject but it is easy if you are guided with a good teacher. Remember that the harder the poems you read, the better you will appreciate literature.

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